Thursday, November 15, 2012

cozy christmas tunes

i'll admit, this time of the year can definitely get bleak, (not a fan of the snow,) but that's why you get your coziest socks on, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and crank up the christmas tunes! i know it's not thanksgiving yet, but there really isn't thanksgiving music. the only one i can think of is 'thankful' by josh groban. so christmas music is highly acceptable right now.

some albums i'm loving this season are:
 *a very she & him christmas* (discovered this last year and couldn't wait even one more day to listen to it this year. november 1st, this album was playing loud in my house. all day.)

*a brooke white christmas* (buy it, or just listen to some scrumptious samples on itunes here!)

*the andy williams christmas album* (gotta love the classics. ever since i was little, this has been the album i wake up to on christmas morning. we also watch an andy williams christmas special on christmas eve. this is probably my most favorite christmas music of all!)

one i'm going to look into: *silver & gold by sufjan stevens* anyone heard it? (sample it on itunes here!)

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