Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sleep Tight...

Yes, it is about 1 in the morning.
And yes, I am tired, thanks for asking.

Heartburn + Sciatica + Braxton Hicks + Ever-expanding uterus + Round Ligament pain + Jimmy legs = ...Well, I should think it's obvious.

Totally can't get comfortable enough to sleep.
I really should invest in a good book for times like these.

But despite all this, "Little Man" is coming, hopefully within the next 5 weeks. (Maybe if I'm reeeeal lucky, 3? Oh, who am I kidding. He'll come when he's good n' ready.)
I am so very excited.
And sometimes, I think my mom's even more excited.
...Nah, we're equal amounts of excited.

I just need to keep telling myself: This is just preparing me for the many sleepless nights to come. But those will at least be painless, (I hope?)


That's all I have to say at 1:03 AM, but I'm sure I'll think of more to say in a couple hours. (I'll spare you, though.)

While I'm thinking about it, any easy reads out there that might be good for me to pick up next time I swing by the library?

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