Friday, May 18, 2012

Cleaning Tip

So, I was cleaning a bit today to get ready for the move. I actually really enjoy cleaning! It kinda helps me de-stress, plus the payoff at the end is nice. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and I feel good when I know everything is nice & germ-free(ish). Even if it only stays that way for a little.

As I was cleaning I thought about all those "pinned" blogs that have cleaning tips and wondered if I had any cleaning tips of my own.
And I thought, I should blog about this. Because it's soooo interesting!

Here's one of the biggest things I've learned about cleaning:
Start from the top, and work your way down. (and save the sink for last.)
[Oh... and, of course, a good cleaning playlist is essential. Something you can rock out to. I recommend Michael Jackson.]

It seems so simple, but it really helps. You don't "re-mess" anything up, and it gives you a sort of unwritten checklist to make sure everything gets done.

For example, say you want to clean your bathroom.

1. Begin with light fixtures. Get all that dust off! (If you do this every time you clean your bathroom, you won't have that one HUGE disgusting dreaded light fixture cleaning. For some reason it really makes a difference.)
*It's always good to get the light switches and door handles, too. If you want.*

2. Give your mirrors a good spit-shine! (Okay. Kidding. NOT spit. Gross.) Gotta see that pretty reflection.

3. Clear the countertops and wipe that surface down. This is always a good area to disinfect.

4. Work on the toilet next. Start with the handle, then go to the tank. (you want the cleanest handle possible!) Work down to the lid/seat area, then get the base of the toilet. (think top to bottom, here. Also, if you clean the whole base every time, just like the light fixtures, it's less of a mess each time you clean!)

5. Here's the hardest part for me: the shower and tub. (Don't get me wrong, I love a clean tub! And I don't mind making it that way. But our current tub has a porous surface, so it never looks white. Or even like I cleaned it. Ug. Moving on... literally, thank goodness.)

6. Now, the sink. I know this one seems like it should be with step #3 because of the whole "start at the top, work your way down" thing. But I have found I like to clean the sink AFTER cleaning the toilet and shower, because I can wash my hands (even though I wear those glam yellow cleaning gloves, still feels good to give my hands a scrub) and then clean the sink. Otherwise, it would be like cleaning the sink, scrubbin' the toilet and shower where lots of yuck happens, and then washing all that off in the sink that you JUST cleaned.
*Also, this way the sink stays dry and the fixture stays spot-free for at least the ten minutes that your mop water is drying... until someone uses the bathroom.* I know things won't stay perfect forever.

7. Now shake the rugs and clear the floor, because it's time to sweep and mop. (Make sure you mop yourself OUT of the bathroom. This is obviously important because then you don't step on your wet floor and risk dirtying it up again... But really, isn't it fun to look up and see your whole bathroom clean and sparkly?)

8. After the floor is all dry, put back the rugs, trashcans, scale, etc. and you're done!

(I know there are other things that could get done here... I'm not going to lie, our medicine cabinet needs some attention. And don't get me started on the drawers. This was just a general idea list. Even though it looks like a novel.)

So, there you have it. One cleaning tip, expanded on in one huge boring cleaning example!
Any fun/easy/helpful tips you'd care to share?

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KylieAnnah said...

I have to say, i never thought of cleaning the light fixtures. It was gross! I will be cleaning them from now on!