Monday, April 2, 2012

'Glam' is my Middle Name

"Oh, the glamor of pregnancy..." has come out of my mouth more than once these past few months. Maybe that's because it's pretty much the most fabulous thing ever. (It is.)

For instance:
  • Talking on the phone: "Wait, where's my phone?! ...Oh. Yeah."
  • "Where are my glasses? ...Oh. They're on my face."
  • "Where are my keys?" *opens fridge* "...there they are..."
  • I ripped my pants at work practicing my "flying buttress" (=bending without straining my back. Bend at the knees and spread 'em wide!)
  • If I'm feeling sick in the morning, you better believe my hair and makeup turn out just about as fantastic as Miss America for the rest of the day.
  • My pants do this awfully cute muffin top thing now. Makes me want muffins. And donuts. And cake...

  • Speaking of pants, if I'm at home, they're unbuttoned. Classy, comfy, cute.
  • Oh, and unbuttoned? Came home after 2 classes and a run to the bank, and realized that's exactly what my pants were. Unbuttoned. The entire time.
  • "Have a nice *urp* day! ...Sorry." Everyone loves a good burp.
  • etc., etc.
But in all honesty, pregnancy is pretty much the best thing in the whole world. I have been feeling the first few flutters lately, which is the coolest, most exciting feeling ever. Every day I get to wake up and think about my sweet baby boy all day. Who is he going to be? What will he look like? Will he be a momma's boy, or dad's sidekick? Will he love music, like me? Will he be an artist, like Nathan? I get to fantasize about what I'll dress him in. I get to "rocky rocky" my very own baby in a rocking chair. I get to read books and sing songs to my very own baby boy. I get to take him to Disneyland and be more entertained by watching his face light up than I am by the ride itself. I can barely believe I'll have a three-month-old by this Christmas!
So, in the end, the morning sickness, back pain, chronic forgetfulness, cravings, headaches, and craziness is most definitely all worth it in the end!

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