Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gimme a break.

It is March already. How did that happen?
Well, however it happened, I'm fine with it. One month closer to being done with this semester, one month closer to moving, one month closer to having my very own sweet little baby!!

This week is spring break. I am relieved. (I need this. Oh, I need this.) Most of all, I am excited! We haven't seen family since we made the "big announcement," so... Yes. I am excited.
Emma, my adorable 6-year-old sister whom I have mentioned before, is excited too.

My mom texted me this a few days ago:
"Emma is so excited for you to come. She keeps saying, 'is it one more day?' No, I say, 6. 'Awe. Tomorrow?' she says. No, I say, and count out the days with her."

And this one today:
"This morning Emma stood up by the calendar and told us all, 'today is Sunday, then Monday, then Tuesday, then Sarah and Nathan come on Wednesday.' Pointing to each day."
Ain't she a cutie?

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