Friday, March 23, 2012


My last post got me thinkin'.

Emma really is just a crack-up.

Nathan recently informed me that when we were first dating, he noticed my family said a lot of funny words but we all seemed to know what we were talking about. Poor guy felt so left out until he figured out what we were saying. For instance,

"hey dad, hand me the mokin retrol."  "Dane!"  "Rarah, where's your tiny cantar?" "And he did, and he did..."

Mokin retrol? Oh... Remote control.
Dane! or Dane-it! = Dang! or Dang it!
Guitar = Cantar
Ukulele = Ukalady, or, tiny cantar
"And he did" used to be a phrase she would say after EVERYTHING. ("So, he goed to the store, and he buyed some toys, and he just did and he did, and he did.")

Two I really miss:
Rarah = Sarah
Nafan = Nathan

And here are bloopers from a funny video her awesome cousin ZaQ was making:

Oh, that kid.

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