Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby ____ Buhler

Want to find out if baby's an Ann or Andy... A Brooke or Braden... A Colleen or Collin... A Darla or Devin... An Emma or Emanuel... Fay or Fred... Hannah or Hans...? Okay. Enough already.

First off, I'd like to inform you that
20 people thought we're having a girl, and
15 people thought we're have a boy, (17, if you include Nathan's and my vote.)

We went to the doctor last Wednesday and were thrilled to find out who our baby is.
We kinda knew it already.
But it was great to finally find out officially.

It helps to call him a "he" rather than an "it".

Oops... did I just give it away?
Yep. I guess I did.

Our Bouncing Baby Buhler couldn't wait to tell us he's a BOY! He sure was proud to show us he's a he... (So I guess that should read, "Bouncing Baby BOY Buhler.") He sure moves around a lot. I can't feel him all the time, but I definitely have felt him kick a few times. It feels like a flutter, or a twitch - but oh so much more wonderful than that! His arms and legs were movin' around so much in the ultrasound, so we're sure he'll come out strong and ready to rumble!

We are thrilled, and anxious for this bun to be baked! (5 more months oughtta' do it...)


Mckell Flick said...

Can't wait to see baby Buhler! I love how Nathans says AwWw throughout the ultra sound :) so fun! Love you Buhlers!

Corinner-Elly said...

So exciting!!! :D

Shar said...

Yay! We definitely like boys (a lot). Very exciting and fun to start with a boy...he can be the protector of all the other little Buhlers you guys will have. :)

sarah ann said...

We already love him so much!