Monday, February 20, 2012

Memes, hashtags, and other fads

Have you noticed about about a billion of these hangin' out on your newsfeed lately?:

(apparently, I need to learn my tweetskills?)

-What people think I do, what my mom thinks I do, what I think I do, what I really do... (For example, what  actors think people think about them. I think?)

-scary faces (this is by far the one that scares me the most.) oh yeah, apparently they're all called memes.

And, my personal favorite:

-"that awkward moment when..." statuses (apparently he's just as annoyed as I am?)

Any funny fads you have noticed throughout your facebook usage? Any you've indulged in?


Corinner-Elly said...

Personally, I hate the status letters. You know, 'Dear weather, please stop raining. Love, me.', etc. They are what irritate me the most!

It may have been funny at first but now I'm sick to death of them...

sarah ann said...

Oh, how could I forget? Those haven't been showing up as frequently, thank goodness.
One shining gem I found a couple weeks ago:
"Dear Dracula, remember that night a few months ago? Well, you have a son, and his name is Edward. Sincerely, Tinkerbell."
Yes, I am glad that trend is dying off.

Corinner-Elly said...

Haha. Amen to that.