Thursday, December 29, 2011

Monopoly, Scattergories, and a Whole lot of Laughing

Nathan and I just got back from visiting family for Christmas break. It was fantastic! Always so much fun to see everyone again. And may I say, we got sssspoiled!

One night, Nathan and I decided to play some board games. We played a new version of Monopoly that you can build to be smaller - (therefore, only lasting about 45 minutes, thank goodness) - and then played about 16 rounds of Scattergories. (We love Scattergories. Played it quite a few times before getting engaged...)

For those of you who know how Scattergories works, this will *hopefully* make sense to you. For those of you who do not know how it works, sorry. I can't explain it interestingly enough for you to want to finish reading.

Letter: F
Category: Dessert
Nathan: Flam boyee!!
Me: ...You mean creme brulee?

Letter: P
Category: Reasons for Being Late
Natalie: Platypuses in the road!
[We couldn't argue with that one! I'd definitely be late if that were the case.]

What a hoot.

In other news, guess who can say "Nate" now?

Nathan was about as excited as could be. We sure love our lil' nephew!


Laura said...

So CUTE! I love Scategories, how adorable!

sarah ann said...

Thanks Laura! :) We love Scattergories, too.

Nathan Buhler said...

I couldn't be happier!:)