Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feeling Halloweeny

Oh boy! It's about that time... Get your best scary face on! (Or your pretty, crazy, pirate-y, ninja-y, wizard-y, goofy, or whatever you choose to be, face...)

Ten things I love about Halloween...

1. The special needs carnival @ Dixie (Tonight! I get to paint faces.) ♥
2. Dressing up (but then again, who DOESN'T love that?)
3. Candy Corn
4. Pumpkins. So cute.
5. Watching the Nightmare Before Christmas (over... and over... and over again...)
6. Haunted stuff... (but not too haunted... Okay, maybe not haunted.)
7. Owls and bats... (Not real bats. Cute decorative bats.)
8. Color combination: orange, purple, black.
9. Hay rides
  ...and, last, but CERTAINLY not least,
10. The huge amount of Harry Potter characters running around.

What do you love about Halloween?

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