Thursday, June 23, 2011

all "Marriaged" up

As my Aunt Shar would say, I finally got "marriaged." And oh how I love it! Married life is great. Minus the cooking, I'm not good at it. If any of you have easy recipes, send 'em my way!

Ah, the wedding day. It was the best day of my life, minus the little... bumps along the way. You probably heard, but the night before that blessed day, I had a baaaad case of sick. Nasty. Yucky. Throw up. (all night long.) Not so fun for the bride-to-be. Since the bride-to-be had her Maid of Honor (MOH) (Hannah-who saved my life) coming at 5:30 AM, it meant no sleep! But it's a darn good thing Hannah did come, otherwise, my hair would have been... neglected. Along with my makeup. And everything else. Thaaaaank goodness for a good ... great MOH. Who else would be ready with a barf bag and hairspray?
Nathan, my handsome groom, texted me while Hannah was helping me with my hair. He had his own little worries- he couldn't find my wedding band. But when I told him my problem, he rushed to the rescue with some Calmicid. (Oh, and don't worry, he found the wedding band.) Poor guy, a five month engagement was already long enough. Was I going to make it longer? Turns out my mom took him aside and scared the pants off him; she told him, "We may need to just have the reception tonight and go to the temple when she's feeling better." Can't imagine the shock pulsing through his veins!
But, I was able to push through it with lots of support... and lots of anti-nausea pills.
The reception was beautiful, the cake was exquisite, the friends and family were happenin', and the "Tangled" moment at the end was to die for. (Total surprise to me and Nathan- there were floating lanterns at the end! ♪And at last I seeee the liiiight...♫)
Not to mention our little surprise as we left the reception...
Bubbles and clapping and cheering are pretty common when the bride and groom escape from their reception. But we were blessed to have a stowaway pop up in our back seat about two blocks away. Nathan and I were laughing and crying, "We're finally married! We're married! We're married!" We got to a stop sign and shared a few kisses, when suddenly we heard...
"I'm going to Disneyland!"
Disneyland, my butt. Eli? Going with us? Yeah right.
We turned around and returned the boy to his rightful place, while everyone was laughing their guts out.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

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Shar said...

Ohhhh, I'll bet Nathan was dying when your mom pulled him aside. He sounds pretty darn happy now, though. :) You were quite the trooper and it turned out to be a bEAUtiful wedding day. And I think your parents have got to be the coolest to pull of the "Tangled" lanterns. Congrats, Mrs. B!