Monday, May 9, 2011

...I'll take a raincheck.

So, making a guest list for a wedding is hard work.

I was so clever to type in everyone's name and address on an Excel spreadsheet so I could just keep clicking that little "Sort AZ" button and alphabetize it. No doubles! Aren't I smart.

Well, I'm more of a pen and paper girl, I've found out. I really hate typing names and an address when it's written on another paper already. What's the point? Oh. The point is to have it neatly written on one piece of paper. But then we'll probably end up writing on that paper anyway, because we've forgotten a name or two. My inner perfectionist can't handle the handwriting at the end of the list, so I'll probably end up re-printing the list with the new names added.

*deep breaths*

So, I have turned on some happy Disney music and have since found more hope in life... more gumption to go... more energy to address.
Thank goodness for Disney. :]

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