Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Endings

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I just took my last final! The end of one crazy semester!! And now, there is only ONE MONTH until "the Miss becomes a Mrs." as my dear Aunt Karen would say on my bridal shower invitation. :)

Some more fun news, my cousin's husband Clint has the most amazing wedding video services, if any of you were wondering...
(See our wedding video here- the video order goes "Growing up", "First Date/Meet", "First Kiss", and then "The Proposal")

xoxo! Hope those of you who just ended the semester "kicked your finals' butts in the face!" (...That one's from my dear fiancé. Classy? Yeah.)


Corinner-Elly said...

Those videos are freaking adorable! :) I am jealous of your happy ending.

sarah ann said...

Thanks Corin! :) Didn't those videos turn out fun? Clint is pretty talented! I am a pretty lucky gal to have such supportive family and such a loving fiance.