Monday, January 3, 2011

Engagged to be Marred

Yes, 'tis true, I am engaged!! To the most wonderful human being who is perfect for me, Nathan Buhler..
Story time? Yes. Story time.

New Year's Eve, 2010.
The night started out at my home, playing a few games with Nathan and my sisters. It was fun, but still not how I wanted to spend my New Year's. (Mom was sick, complicating any fun family parties.) And let's be honest, I was kind of being a brat. So poor Nathan is trying to keep his secret, and not back out of what is soon to be his biggest move in life. He mentioned that there was a party at the Provo Towne Center mall, that sounded like fun. I thought it sounded fun too, but I wasn't so hip on driving on the icy roads, so I told him maybe. He played it cool. Didn't put up a fight.
After a rousing game of Scrabble and thirteen exciting games of Scattergories, I finally said, "I'm bored. Let's go to that party at the mall." (Or something like that. Those weren't my words I'm pretty sure, but I said something to the same effect.) ;) So, we left.
Getting in the car, Nathan told me that we had to swing by his house to "get noisemakers" so we could make lots of noise to the new year. I wasn't really suspicious, just kinda confused as to why it was important. But we stopped by his house and then left for the mall.
The party was so much fun! There was music, dancing, (big band, baby!!), face painting, sugar, food, mask making, bounce houses, photo booths, a live animal show, and so much more fun stuff to do! My favorite parts were dancing with my sweetheart to that "big band sound" (familiar title?) and then rushing in line to get the last pictures in the photobooth. (FUN!)
Well, the night was already pretty darn fun. Full of romance and cuteness. But then everyone in the whole mall, including us, went outside to watch fireworks and a mini of that big ball that drops, kinda like the one in New York that most of us watch on TV and will never experience in real life.
Nathan's mother and her friends happened to be at the mall too, so we stood by them to wait for the new year to arrive.
The countdown begins.
"10, 9, 8, 7, 6..."
Suddenly Nathan turns to me and says, "Sarah, I have a surprise for you," as he got down on one knee, looked at me smiling, and asked me to marry him.
Of course everything after that was like what you see in movies; I could not hear or see any fireworks, I did not hear the rest of the countdown, I did not hear anyone scream "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" and I most definitely did not think about the thousands of people around us. It was just Nathan and me, lost in our own lovey-dovey "just got engaged" world.
After coming back to reality, we could hear everyone around us yelling excitedly and even a few guys came up to Nathan and hugged & congratulated him! It was quite the night. And his mother got it all on her camera phone.

So, there you have it. :) I am engaged.

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