Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ten Things

I was rather unproductive today, which is indeed a problem. I have tons and tons, AND tons and TONS of studying to do. (finals-*grumble grumble*) And yet, here I sit on the computer.
I think it's my duty to teach you all a trick I learned a lil' while ago.
I wasn't having the hottest day, so I took out my journal and wrote a "ten things I love" list. Then it made me happy!
SO, take out a piece of paper, and a pen or pencil, (c'mon... You know you want to) and start with the number "1." Easy. Write what you love. Then continue to "2." *nudge nudge* You can do it!
(It's fun to write them super cutesy, it gives you something to do for a few minutes.)

Oh and also...
Some things I love, with all my heart, are the beard stickers on picnik. I used to love the beard tool, but now it's for premium users. They're willing to pay $2.08 a month. Dang. That's commitment.


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