Thursday, September 16, 2010

that Classic Big-Band Sound

So, I recently added a playlist to my blog. Hope you enjoy the tunes! But as I was browsing the music, looking for songs fit for my blog, I fell across some Judy Garland. And nowwwww, I'm obsessed. Can't beat those incredible vocals. Then I started listening to some of that old-timey "big band" music. Doesn't this type of music just scream joy? ...Anyway, thanks to my dad-dad-daddio, we just had a super long conversation about how wonderful music was, and still is.

[2:38:49 PM]
Dad: ...yes?
Sarah: Y'know that song that goes, "Hello world, here's a song that we're singing... we'll make you happy!" blah blah? I dunno the exact lyrics. It's on the extremely goofy movie
Dad: from the partridge family?
Dad: Come-on Get Happy? I'm just spit-ballin' it.
Sarah: that's my guess too
Dad: google knows all...

Sarah: Oh my glory. I just found the best song ever. Judy Garland, Get Happy. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. So listen to the song, it's PERFECTION.
Dad: yup! that's the type of music I grew - up listening to...
Sarah: It's FABULOUS. And as if Judy Garland's voice isn't like, PERFECT
Dad: she was really somethin'. she could sing the phone book and make it sound great.Dad: I love big-band sound. it has such a distinctive sound. I'm glad to see that it hasn't gone away completely. ...and... it sounds really good when you play it in a woodywagon.Sarah: AAAH! In a woody?!? Oooooh my. Don't make me wish
Dad: any old, vintage car really.
Sarah: *sigh*
Dad: I makes me happy that you have an appreciation for that old stuff.  Even though it's old, and doesn't have the dynamic sound of today's recordings, the genius and talent stills shines through.
Sarah: Oh my, it's genius, moreso than MOST the stuff today. Because we got everything from back then!

Dad: there's a song that U2 did a few years ago... in the middle of it, they hav Luciano Pavrotti singing one of his pieces... it's such a brilliant mix of classic and rock. see if you can find it.
Dad: (google, remember?)
Sarah: Yep ;)
Dad: it doesn't really fit into the "happy" genre that you're playing with, but it popped into my head and I thought you'd enjoy it.
Sarah: (the song is Miss Sarajevo by U2 and Luciano Pavarotti)
Dad: don't you love it? his voice is/was SO amazing.
Sarah: I'm listening right now
Dad: just let it wash over you.
Sarah: (Very calming). Wow, chills!
Dad: I know, huh?
Sarah: Ohhhh wow. That's incredible.
Dad: pretty fun. That's what I love about music.
Sarah: Music evokes so many feelings and emotions.

Dad: The other thing that I really love about music from 40's and 50's  is that it has a certain innocent/sweet nature to it, that is missing from the majority of music today. but when you hear it, you instantly recognize it. know what I mean? it's uplifting... by it's very nature.
Sarah: Yes! Exactly!!
Dad: Colbie Caillat has a couple of songs with that quality...
Sarah: I'd never worry about the song if it were from that era, whereas nowadays you have to look up the lyrics, genre, artist... just to make sure it's suitable for everyone. Colbie Caillat is very happy music, and Jack Johnson. And Ziggy Marley! (Just to name a few...)
Dad: lyrics are more important than most people want to admit. music has the power to cause the words to sink DEEP into us. Very impactful. Dad: I've got another song that popped into my head. hang-on for a second...
*** Dad sent Ain't No Sunshine (by Bill Withers) ***
Dad: you've heard me play this one?
Sarah: Yes I love it!
Dad: I love the way the orchestra breaks into the middle of the song. it's very stirring.
[3:24:50 PM]

...We have our chats.
Hope you enjoyed peeking into the genius minds of my father and me. Sure love him...

Question time!
What is your favorite genre of music, and/or who is your favorite artist or band?



Zane said...

My favorite music is Ska by far. but i love jazz too. Sarah you like jazz don't you? do you have any? i would love to share jazz songs with you! music is the greatest thing ever.
Artists (Ska)
Reel Big Fish
The Aquabats
Streetlight Manifesto
Duke Ellington
Eric Bibb
Ella Fitzgerald
Buddy Rich

Fickle Cattle said...

You have a great relationship with your Dad. And yea, I'm a big fan of big band music. :-)

I am Fickle Cattle.

sarah ann said...

Thanks for the comment, Fickle Cattle! I do love my dad. Big band is great, eh? And Zane, I added some music to my blog just for you. Thanks for the inspirations.