Monday, September 6, 2010

The Day of Labor

Well, Happy Labor Day, everyone. We all deserve a nice three-day weekend.
What made me happy today?
Talking to my cousin, Hannah, who is in China at the moment... (thank you, Skype)
oh, & Nathan made me happy too.
   ...And but we won't get into that.

Post a comment and answer me this: Who makes you happy?



Zane said...

my friend Sarah. my friends back at home. my fam. my friends. my music. and my buddies. :)


Nathan said...

Hmmm...well it starts with an S and ends with arah Wilcox.

ZaQ said...

Emma! and P and Grace. Little kids ya know? and that doesn't make me a pedefile.

The Betts 4 said...

john mayer!!!

Shar said...

Oh, such cute answers. Except the pedophile part from ZaQ. Not being a stay-at-home-alone mom anymore makes me happy (married people should not live in different states. . .even for 2 months. . . should be a law). Aaaand pretty, frilly things. In that order.